Activity of GLIA

1. Industrial promotional activity:-

  • Organization of seminar to give the awareness about Govt.  Notification/Policy/Amendment  etc to the members.
  • Arrangement of meeting with competent authority to re-present the issue if any affecting the industry adversely. 
  • To inform members regarding industrial exhibition being organized at different places.
  • To print & publish the members’ directory.

2. Development and maintenance of infrastructure in the Estate:-

  • Planning and monitoring the implementation of infrastructure project in the estate under industrial policy of the State Government.  
  • Maintenance of infrastructures of the estate in order to survive their usefulness for longer.

3. Cleanliness of Estate.

  • To undertake estate cleaning activity to maintain it neat and clean.
  • Due to outstanding performance of GLIA in this arena, estate was awarded as No.1 Clean Industrial Estate of the state under Nirmal Gujarat Abhiyan 2007.
  • Thereafter in competition of GIDC Swachhata Abhiyan 2016, the estate was also awarded for securing 2nd rank as one of the clean estates of GIDC.

4. Environmental activity.

  • To encourage the plantation for protection of environment in the estate.
  • Activity for maintaining healthy atmosphere in the estate.

5. Social and Educational activity.

  • Organization of Mega blood donation camp in the estate periodically to serve needy patient.
  • To provide free medical facility through it dispensary in its emergency centre.
  • To provide fire brigade services in surrounding area through its emergency centre.  
  • To support social upliftment by creating an employment opportunity to un employed youth by providing industrial training in skill development centre.
  • To enhance skill and competitiveness of the existing employees of the MSMEs in skill development centre.