INFRASTRUCTURE facilities are the most important tools for industrial development :-

The Estate has water supply Network facility for industry with the capacity of total 8 MLD distribution networks which include RCC sump with 6 ML Capacity, Total 4 RCC ESR each of 5 lakhs liter capacity, and Inter Estate water supply pipeline network with Water distribution line (90MM to 315MM diameters HDPE line, 39 km) & Water distribution loop line (90MM HDPE line, 28km)


The Estate has a total 40 kms of Road Network which include 18 kms of single and 20 kms of double track as well as 1700 plus Eco Friendly Streetlights installed on Road network.



The estate has also implementing underground Storm water drainage facility, which includes different sizes of RCC pipes (Cement pipe ISNP-2 & ISNP-3 varies from 600mm dia. to 1600mm dia.) laid down both side of road network which cover about 76 kms with 2235 No’s of manhole.


It is the first association in the State which is the center of excellence with the facilities of Association administrative office, Conference hall, Meeting Room, Medical Trauma centre, Library, Full furnished and equipped Auditorium, Product Display house, R & D Lab, Guest house, Restaurant etc., The purpose of this center is to give facilities and advantage at one door step for members as well as visitors.


The estate has facility of Industrial PNG GAS line network by GSPC GAS CO LTD, for eco friendly and comparative rate benefit. It shows that the Industries running through this can help the environment as well as get the benefit of cost effectiveness also.




1) Conversion of Over head Electric line into Underground caballing line :
This helps to provide better power quality and decrease the possibility of power failure and line loss.



2) Solid waste disposal :

This  project is for making and maintaining clean and green Estate, which include the Management for non-hazardous residential and institutional waste through door to door collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal and monitoring of waste.


3) Multi specialty Hospital :
To provide economical medical facility with the combination of Medical Trauma centre and laboratory facility. We are committed to provide affordable, quality treatment to patients by this project.


4) CCTV Camera for surveillance :

This project is under external environment watches which protects the people,property and vehicles and valuables. These systems are considered to be most effective method of reducing crime.


5) Beautification of Estate :
The project includes gardens, fountains and tree plantation. We are planning to develop Garden based on different Themes i.e. Kids park, Joggers Park etc. as well as musical and lightning fountains and food zone in each park.


6) Communication Facility up gradation (BSNL Telephone & Internet)
The purpose of this project is converting the entire network into new design and the advance communication connectivity in the field of Landline, Fax, WLL and internet. Through this project industries can get the benefits of better communication connectivity and it also can help to reduce the numbers of faults.